March 7, 2013, Thursday09:00:AM

2013 APLD NJ Winter Workshop- AM Session



From Historic Preservation to Award Winning Presentations

 Join the APLD NJ Chapter for a full day Seminar on THURSDAY, March 7, 2013

   Come get further educated!

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9:15 – 10:45 am   Marta McDowell


  The Pleasures and Perils of Historic Landscape Preservation 


Historic gardens present unique challenges for the designer. This lecture will present a brief overview of American garden styles, discuss the standards for evaluating and restoring period gardens and discuss sources for research, appropriate plants and project help. We will work through a case study using an early 20th century garden at Fosterfields, a county owned property in Morristown, NJ.



11 – 12 noon      Bruce Crawford

SPACE -Not Just the Final Frontier

Space is consistently one of the most difficult concepts for Landscape Designers to grasp. Although relatively easy to understand when thinking about interior spaces of a building, it suddenly becomes a challenge when faced with an open expanse in the landscape. This presentation is a fun and reflective look at creating spaces in the outdoor environment and how a properly sequenced and proportioned spatial experience can create a wonderful visitor experience.



12 Noon – 12:45 pm  *****LUNCH*****



2013 APLD NJ Winter Workshop- PM Session


1 – 2:30 pm    Brad Groff 


The Process to Design, Sell and Market Award Winning Projects

You have the ability to create amazing projects, but something is holding you back. Brad will walk you through his process step by step to help you create a portfolio of award winning projects. This three part presentation will enlighten the new kid on the block while challenging the most advanced designers.



2:45 – 3:45 pm     PART 2 

Take the Chance out of Growing Your Profits

Frustrated when you lose money on a job? Job costing, P L’s, and balance sheets are all great tools to manage our business…but they only tell you what had already happened. Learn how to know if you are scheduled to win before you get started and to make sure you stay on track?

Brad will introduce to you Schedule 2 Win, the same system River Valley has used to build and manage their business for over 10 years. How long does your current system take? If you could take 15 minutes a day and determine if you made money in the past , will make money today and are set up to be profitable in the near future, would you be willing to do it?

Schedule 2 Win will help you:  

*             Manage resources for maximum efficiency and overhead recovery

*             Understand instantly if your jobs are profitable

*             Measure and benchmark crews for constant improvement  

*             Learn from the Past, Act in the Present and Learn from the Future

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Certified APLD members $50.00 USD

Students $40.00 USD





Hope to see many of you at this educational workshop. There will be APLD CEU’S available for this event. 

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