The New Jersey Chapter represents the Association of Professional Landscape Designer members statewide. APLDNJ is the only professional organization in the state that solely represents the interests of landscape designers in both legislative issues and consumer outreach programs. Become a member to become certified and to take advantage of the professional benefits offered at both the national and chapter level.

APLDNJ provides opportunities for members to take part in educational, community outreach, and networking activities and provides the public with information about finding and working with a professional landscape designer.

Contact Us

Chapter President
Susan Cohan, APLD
Susan Cohan Gardens LLC
Phone: 201-572-1502
email: susan@susancohangardens.com

Chapter Treasurer
Jock Lewedon
Outdoor Living Spaces
Phone: 732-433-6342
email: jlewendon@msn.com

Design by J. Scott Mortenson, APLD

Hiring a Professional Landscape Designer

The decision to hire a professional landscape designer can be one of the smartest investments you’ll make toward enhancing your home. A landscape designer can work with you to transform a neglected corner into a garden sanctuary, or help you completely plan and furnish your outdoor living space.


Q: Why would I want to hire a Landscape Designer?

A Landscape Designer has been trained to think about all the aspects of your outdoor living space. They not only know what plants will thrive in certain locations, but also what hardscape materials are available and which are the best suited for your project. They are able to listen to your wants and needs and use all that knowledge to translate them into a space that will make you happy for years to come. In some ways, a better answer to the question would be “Why wouldn’t you hire a landscape designer?” Remember, “A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish”.

Design by Lisa Mierop, APLD

Q: Aren’t designs expensive?

Full landscape designs, with thoughtful plans and plant lists, take time. They are the result of education, experience, and hard work coming together to create something specifically to address your needs and the specifics of your garden, and as a result are of tremendous value to your project. Our designs start at (fill-in your base price here) and go from there, depending on their complexity of the job.

Often, it ends up being more expensive NOT to have a design done. A Landscape Designer knows how to be efficient and their knowledge of materials and experience with what works and what doesn’t work, and this often will save you both time and money. Would you rather figure out how to make cookies through trial and error with unknown ingredients, or would you rather have a recipe that ensured success the first time?

Q: How do I find the right designer for me?

Design by Susan Cohan, APLD

First of all, find a designer who is a member of APLD, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. APLD members have to prove that they have the requisite education/experience before they are allowed to become a member. Use our Find a Designer tool.

Next, look at a designer’s work. Their portfolio doesn’t have to contain pictures of exactly what you want, but if you like the pictures, and you get a good feeling from what you see, then make arrangements to meet them in person to discuss your thoughts. That discussion will help you decide if the designer will be a good fit for you. If you feel like you would like to work with them, then proceed to the next step and have fun! If not, rinse and repeat.